Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Garden

I am lucky enough to live in a wonderful town. Herriman donated a big plot of land for a community garden. I was lucky enough to receive a 14' x 30' plot. Elly and I have had a lot of fun planting and watering and taking care of our soon to be fruits and vegetables. I didn't realize how much space this actually was until we started planting! So far we have planted 3 varieties of tomatoes, bell and cayenne peppers, eggplant, strawberries, cantaloupe, pumpkin, okra, carrots, spinach, snap peas, white onions, bunching onions and a few more that I can't remember at the moment. We still have on row that is unplanted. We plan on putting in some kohlrabi and watermelon. Luckily it is only a mile or two down the road so it is easy to hop on my bike and head over for weeding or watering. I love that this was offered to all residents for free, what a wonderful opportunity. Here is hoping that with some work we will have a very productive garden this summer and fall.


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  1. That sounds like a summer full of fresh veggies and fruit!