Saturday, June 1, 2013


There is something magic about film.
Capturing a moment in time (without the ability to delete if someones face expression is not quite right).
The excitement of delivering your film to the store anticipating which points in time you will have the honor of revisiting.
Having time to digest the events before seeing them in photographic form leads to a greater appreciation.
There are seldom do-overs with film because the moment has past.
In my life technology depreciates the beauty of art.
I love having random photos around to fade into. 
Would a beautiful library be the same with a nook on the shelf where 10,000 books previously existed

Thursday, May 30, 2013


On one of our of our wonderful drives
my husband spotted some some beautiful wildflowers.
They grew on a steep hill
where a landslide had once been
He climbed the mountain and picked them
roots carefully intact,
They stayed in pristine condition
they were confined to a pot
and placed in perfectly balanced potting soil.
They are starting to come back
but will most likely remain small and be used as garden filler.
Had we left them alone they would have flourished
taken over the hillside
and shared their beauty with the world.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Creator

I am the creator
of my future
of my past
of my surroundings
 of my children
of my family
Some may credit my creations to the unknown
but I know
that in my life
I am the creator

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Almost Summer

Elly enjoying some time to herself in the beautiful American Fork Canyon
As the days get warmer my family tends to wander
with so much beauty surrounding us it is hard to keep ourselves contained indoors
we breathe in the sunshine
we bask in the shade
we enjoy the moments together
and cherish our time alone
and dream about what will come tomorrow

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beautiful May

Unfortunately I took no pictures (not a good intro to a post I know..) but some will surely be on there way. We are halfway through May and all of my gardens are started. Gardening is the perfect way to waste away an afternoon. Today I started my plot at the community garden  to provide us with an endless supply of summer vegetables  (and provide badge opportunities for the girl's daisy troop).  Th boys kept themselves busy with some puddles, sticks and rocks and were forced to disrobe before coming inside of the house.
   In addition to the vegetable garden I received several hydrangeas for Mothers' day, which have made their home on the back patio (they are my absolute favorite flower). Last, but not least We have a cluster of six rose bushes in the backyard, under which I have pruned a tunnel for the boys to play with their trucks (out of sight and in the shade). It may be one of their favorite spots. I will soon post pictures of these favorite places. With school winding down we will undoubtedly spend more time outside in the gardens and exploring.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beauty is in the bag

Recently, when browsing through country living magazine I came across a bag, Which I immediately fell in love with. I looked up the website and fell in love... the website is here  beautiful website
Whoever Mrs. Hicks is I would like to give her thanks. Her site is filled with beautiful items, ranging from boat shoes to moccasins to gorgeous bags. I am in love and am positive this bag will be the next in my collection. seroiusly go check it out, please, I am sure you find something to slurge on.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My fashion Inspiration

        My grandmother, Grammy (Dorothy), had a great sense of style. Yesterday, as I looked through old photos, I noticed that no matter how old the pictures were my Grammy always looked fantastic and never outdated (except for the occasional pair of glasses).

      I have more memories with my Grandmother than I could even begin to express, she was sharp-witted, had an intimidating nature (which worked in her favor, as the people she didn't want to associate with were often to scared to approach her), but best of all she valued a great sense of humor and often told me it was the most important trait a person could have.

      Of course, I am sure I idolize her, because to me she was perfect. She also loved to shop and had a great sense of style. She once told me, "If something gets you down, go buy yourself something nice, I am sure it will make you feel better" ( a lesson that maybe I could have done without). On one of our shopping excursions she also taught me to look for quality over brand, a good lesson indeed.

   Grammy never owned a pair of jeans until she was in her 70's and even then they were dockers and cut exactly like all of her khakis, her shirts were never without a collar, keds were her shoe of choice, her hair was always fixed (her hairstyle never changed) and her lipstick was always pink. Cheers to a lifetime of great style.

I am not sure when this picture was taken, I think this is when they were stationed in Hawaii

                                        My Grandma and Grandpa, both looking beautiful

My grandma and me, at the tree lighting ceremony, as an Indialantic, Florida native I used to think 60 degrees was cold (hence the whiney face)

On one of their cruises, she always had great vacation clothes. I especially remember a wonderful pair of red plaid pants, which I would wear if I had!

Fortunatley for me, my  mother gave me two sweaters that my Grandma aquired on one of her trips. I love them and wear them often.