Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beauty is in the bag

Recently, when browsing through country living magazine I came across a bag, Which I immediately fell in love with. I looked up the website and fell in love... the website is here  beautiful website
Whoever Mrs. Hicks is I would like to give her thanks. Her site is filled with beautiful items, ranging from boat shoes to moccasins to gorgeous bags. I am in love and am positive this bag will be the next in my collection. seroiusly go check it out, please, I am sure you find something to slurge on.


  1. Hey, Hillary, what's up? I saw you dropped off FB. Hope everything is OK.

    1. Everything is going wonderfully. I decided to stop facebook, because somehow it just seemed like one more thing to keep up with. In an odd sort of way it seems as though the more "connected" you are, through social media and the like, the more disconnected you become from your actual life. If that makes any sense. I am glad to see you are back on your blog and I will be back to mine very soon.