Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beautiful May

Unfortunately I took no pictures (not a good intro to a post I know..) but some will surely be on there way. We are halfway through May and all of my gardens are started. Gardening is the perfect way to waste away an afternoon. Today I started my plot at the community garden  to provide us with an endless supply of summer vegetables  (and provide badge opportunities for the girl's daisy troop).  Th boys kept themselves busy with some puddles, sticks and rocks and were forced to disrobe before coming inside of the house.
   In addition to the vegetable garden I received several hydrangeas for Mothers' day, which have made their home on the back patio (they are my absolute favorite flower). Last, but not least We have a cluster of six rose bushes in the backyard, under which I have pruned a tunnel for the boys to play with their trucks (out of sight and in the shade). It may be one of their favorite spots. I will soon post pictures of these favorite places. With school winding down we will undoubtedly spend more time outside in the gardens and exploring.

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