Monday, December 10, 2012

Final two days

Today begins finals week, which only lasts two days for me. There is something refreshing about attending college the second time around. I am fortunate enough to be in a place in my life, and my family's life, to have the opportunity to focus and study subjects that truly interest me. I do no feel the pressure of quickly obtaining a skill so I can earn a living. Seven years ago, when Elizabeth was born, I put school on a back burner. I was only 1o credits away from earning a degree in elementary education. The time off from school (along with lack of thought about school) helped me explore life and find interests that will stay with for a lifetime. Truth being, I have always loved school, learning, reading, and exploring. Yes I will, eventually find a career in my (future) field, but for know I am finding the joy in learning. It is wonderful to go to class and really think about the lectures instead of viewing the class as one more to cross off the list. I am truly grateful that I have such a supportive family who encourage me to explore my interest of learning. While I have had a fun time this semester I am looking forward to the break to enjoy the holiday season with my family.



  1. How cool that you're doing this, and thriving on the experience. It's said adult college students often do much better, because there aren't so many distractions. Of course, I can't help wonder how football games and parties stack up against the challenge of raising a family!

    Loving Birklee's rugby shirt, by the way. Looks very similar to the one I'm wearing today. :)

  2. Just shows that nice clothes are ageless.

    It is interesting to think many younger students view football games and parties as one of their hobbies or distractions, with school being their full time job. I, on the other hand, view my family as my main job, with school being one of my hobbies or welcome distractions.