Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things I love...

         I have decided to dedicate the majority of my blog to things I love.  For me this is a huge category, including people, places, things, times....everything! There are so many places in this world to read about serious issues and there are not nearly enough places to escape to the fun, happy side of things. So I aim to change that!
        Of course I obviously LOVE my family to bits, but my first post will focus more on my latest obsession....RE-Lilly!  Those of you with a facebook account become friends with Re-Lilly, those of you who don't have facebook (there may be some of you out there) sign up just so you can become friends with re-Lilly. Re-Lilly is my favorite new site, it is dedicated to selling buying everything Lilly Pulitzer you can think of! It is meticulously organized and affordable, really does it get any better than that? The creator of the page posts new items everyday, so it is a little bit to not get obsessed. So my advice...go to Re-Lilly, like their page, and sell your Lilly's to me!

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