Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cleaning out the garden

We had our first freeze on Friday and that meant that the Saturday morning needed to be spent down at the garden. We all went down there and picked everything that was left. The plants had given us everything they had in them and they were spent. We brought home with us a total of 11 pumpkins, 5 cantaloupes (they ate 5 while were in the garden), a grocery bag full of cherry tomatoes, more onions than I will ever know what to do with (I may dry them out and save them for spices like I did with the cayenne pepper), some red peppers, and 5 eggplant. It was a fun season, filled with a lot of hard work.
A few weeks ago we went down to the farm and picked a few bags of apples. We all ate at least one a day and as they became slightly worn out I decided to make one of my favorite treats. Today I pulled of the food dehydrator and started slicing. Last year I made plain apple chips and cinnamon apple chips, but this morning I noticed we were out of cinnamon so plain it is.I slice them up, put them in the dehydrator for 4-5 hours and put them in jars. They are one of my favorite fall time treats. I did learn a lesson though, If you eat a whole bag of apple chips DO NOT follow it with a glass of water or you will quickly learn what it feels like to have 5 whole apples in your stomach.


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