Thursday, September 27, 2012

The dirtier they get the cleaner the fun

    During my years as a parent I have run across other parents who have a real anxiety about allowing their children to get all. There are times when I prefer my children to stay clean, if we are going out or have plans I prefer for them to stay clean. But here's the thing...they are kids. Let them get dirty. To me allowing this for your child is giving them the ideal childhood. Kids should play in sandboxes and climb trees, lots of trees, build forts outside, ride bikes and wander using their imaginations without anxiety that their parents will be upset that they got some dirt on their clothes. After all isn't that what washing machines and soap are for?

And on days when we have absolutely NO other plans this has been known to occur.
It started out innocently enough...
                                        The trench quickly got deeper and turned into a pool

                                            Madelyn joined in the fun and brought her rake

                                   More water was added, things were getting a bit ridiculous...

They were such a mess, but had the best time ever! The clothes came clean as did they and I would let them do it again in a second!


  1. Looks familiar! My boys will find any excuse to get dirty. But the fun they have make it worth it.

  2. Good for them! Kids need to be playing outside. There are too many "bubble babies" in our midst.