Monday, March 12, 2012

A life of contradiction....

Looking at my life I realized that much of everything I love contradicts each other. I do have to say it keep my life interesting and always gives me something to talk about!

Example 1:  I love clothes and I love getting outfits for my 4 little cuties. But nothing makes me happier than seeing my little kids dressed up so adorable while playing in the dirt, climbing a tree, etc. My little Maddy even wears her fanciest dresses when we are going on walks in the mountains or when go fishing, she appeases her daddy by throwing on a pair of jeans underneath so her little legs don't get scraped up. Sometimes she may look a little crazy, but she's 4 so for now it is cute (and I figure by the time she's 80 she will just be considered eccentric). Who knows maybe I have just seen one too many R.L. ads, but I say why not wear your nice clothes everywhere.

Example 2: It is my mission to make sure my children have the best manners. I think manners and structure are very important in a child's life. On the other hand I like a kid who has a little mischief in them. I know that they will not do anything to hurt others or anything so horrible it can't be fixed, so I say a sense of adventure is marvelous (think boys on "leave it to Beaver). It even makes me proud when they dive into something that may seem a little crazy. I take it as a sign of confidence that they are so sure they take on the world head first. Better to have children like this than ones that cower in the corner too afraid of getting in trouble. Another plus, it gives us all something to look back on and laugh about, and as Grammy said "a sense of humor is the most important thing".

Example 3: Spontaneity. My favorite vacations are the ones when my husband tells me "we are going somewhere tomorrow, I won't tell you where, and don't pack a bag  we will buy everything when we get there".  On the other hand, during the school week I thrive on a very scheduled life! With a 2, 3,   4 1/2, and 6 yr old I am pretty sure a rigid schedule is the way to go. Am I starting to sound like a schizophrenic yet?

Example 3: My  music preference.  Really I listen to everything. I love Lynard skynard (truly I love all 70's rock), classical, country, sublime, pearl jamm (eddie vedder in general), beastie boys, pretty much most 90's music, Mumford and sons (LOVE), Adele, Florence and the machine. I am everywhere across the board when it comes to music, it just depends on the day, well really the hour!

Example 4: I grew up on a barrier island in Florida, I could swim before I cold walk, and I love surfing. What could you expect from a girl who grew up in the same town as Kelly Slater (LOVE again) and went to school with e Hobgood twins. I think everyone in town loves surfing? In fact before my husband was my husband there was a solid group of us who would be out there with our boards (waves or not really) for 8 hours a day. It was life for us, and a pretty good one I may add. Now we live in Herriman, Utah. It is a small town in the foothills of the Salt Lake valley. I could not even imagine moving away from my mountains, or even down to the bottom of our hill (the views of the valley are amazing!) So that explains me, a natural born beach girl who can't leave the mountains!?

On a side note, and back to clothes, with the possibility of sounding a bit eccentric myself, I read a blog recently where the girl was talking about the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. She loved it so much, it was her exact size, but she said it is so fancy and I would never have anywhere to wear it. WHAT!??? where is the optimism. I guess this sums up my life completely. If there is something you love get it. Have optimism that you will have the opportunity, and if the opportunity doesn't show up  make one! And YES making one could mean wearing that dress around your house for yourself!!!! Have enough confidence in yourself that you could pull it off! This blog entry made me little sad for the young woman, but it also reinstilled the fact that I will always find a way to do things that make me happy, regardless of how it may make me appear!

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