Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring vacation

 Sorry I have not posted anything lately! My husband had a week off from work, so we have been here and there and everywhere. First, we headed off to the lovely warmth of Las Vegas for my cutie husband's baseball tournament. Actually we stayed a bit outside of Vegas because I just feel so gross every time I have to schlep the kids some smokey casino to our room (but that is besides the point!)  So we had a great time enjoying the sun, baseball games, and worn out children!!! When we there I also might have become addicted to the Red Robin Blue (or is it bleu because it has bleu cheese?) Ribbon burger (if you doubt me go try it!) it would be even better on a summer day with a gin and sprite! The best part of our little adventure was, when we left there was 12" of fresh snow in our yard and when we came back it was all melted! So now that I am back home, unpacked, laundry done i will do my darnedest to write more on this blog....or maybe I should just pack up and go somewhere warm again?


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