Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wedding

Saturday night my husband's oldest and closest friend was married (seriously, they have been friends since they were 7). This was the second marriage for both and they chose the simply elegant and beautifully casual Cactus and Tropicals for the venue. It is a working greenhouse and nursery that grows tropical non-native (obviously!) plants, it was gorgeous. My husband was the best man and it was fun seeing him all dressed up (the last time he wore a tux was at are wedding and that was almost 10 years ago). Instead of doing a toast all of the groomsmen roasted the groom. I believe my husband, who is witty but has a very dry sense of humor, mentioned the fact that the groom has lived at his dad's house, when they were growing up, more than he had. It was a wonderful night full of laughter, dancing (badly on my part), and little croissant sandwiches.   

Our little family (minus Birklee
who was hiking through the plants)                              Elly dancing her heart out

Below: Maddy explaining one of her plans
to Daddy


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