Thursday, April 12, 2012

Every Spring...

   It must be in my blood, after all all I did grow up in a place that was only cold 3 weeks of the year (one year we had a snow day because it got down to 35 and no one had winter coats), my winter coat was a windbreaker or a jean jacket, and I never really understood the big fuss about a "fall wardrobe". But that was life on the space coast of Florida and now my life is the beautiful Rocky mountains of Utah. It seems that I have yet to grasp the fact that it is only above 80 degrees 4 months of the year because every March when all of the lovely spring clothes come out I can be found with wallet in hand ready to stock up! But wait, then there is the realization (after purchasing the clothes) that I can't wear them for another 3 months? Today I have over come this. I sat at the computer, gift card in hand, looking at all of the cute skirts and dresses but instead I bought a wonderful pair of wool plaid pants. I realized even though it is April it is still chilly and it's about time I get that through my thick skull.Just out of curiosity I looked up the avg. temperature in northern Utah. The avg. high is 64 and the avg. low is 42 (that's the average for the year). I then put on a sweater and some wool socks and headed outside with my daughter. She ran around playing Rapunzel (using a blanket for hair) for a while as we watched black storm clouds roll over the western mountains across the valley. While I am grateful for having grown in the land of sunshine I am even more grateful that I live in a place with such beauty. I think growing up in Florida has made me truly appreciate every minute of every season. One day it will be snowing the next day it will be 75, it is crazy and I love it!

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  1. I can only imagine how stunning Utah is! I love the seasons but some years it is brutal. This year has been super warm for us on the East Coast