Thursday, April 5, 2012

The school year is winding down

    It is so hard for me to believe that my daughter's first year of school is coming to an end.  Seven short months ago we walked her to school, proudly taking pictures of her in her cute school uniform. Elizabeth (Elly as we call her) absolutely loves school and is well on her way to becoming a very good reader. This year I was lucky enough to be Elly's class mom. We have had so much fun throughout the year and it has been amazing to see all that she has learned. She has two final projects that need to be completed before the year is through. The first is to research her favorite animal at the zoo and present the information to her class. The second is to research an ancestor and give a presentation to the class. She is excited to do this project on her 6th great-grandfather, President Taft (let's just leave out the part about him getting stuck in the tub). Just think, soon we will be sinking into the warmth of summer and long days outside exploring the yard and neighborhood. As fall approaches I will have 2 little girls in school....

On a side note I need to find a thank you gift for her teacher and teacher's aide...any ideas?

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