Sunday, April 1, 2012

My life as a movie....

    If my life were a movie it would definitely be a mash of Chevy chase movies, starting with funny farm. I LOVE this movie and I think the town we live in has as many oddities as this town. For example we may or may not share the same mailman....
Our mailman is not in fact a man, so maybe they are just cousins. I have yet to ever see her in a mail carrier uniform (she does wear her p.j.'s and slipper though), she drives her own vehicle, she will sometimes only deliver mail 3 days a week (she has been better lately) and the only time I have actually spoken to her she came ranting to our front door very angry that my 5 (in the return address) looks too much like an s. I am very confident if we bribe her with money, as they did in the movie, we could get her to act respectable.

   We have a delightful dog. She is a bit more spazzy, like the dog in the beginning of the movie who runs off and doesn't come back (she was a cattle dog). Now in her old age she is more mellow and lays around all day. My husband calls her carpet paws because she spends all day laying around in the family room.

And last but not least, my car (well not yet) is parked in front of their house. My husband traded my car in yesterday for a new car for himself, so I get to drive his new car until he hands his work car back in. But then.....I am on the hunt for a jeep grand wagoneer. When my husband told me to look for a car he thought I was ridiculous for wanting one. But I love them. My brother-in-law and I went and looked at one was beautiful but a little mechanically unsound...okay it stopped several times and one time put itself in neutral when I was driving down the road. I started laughing hysterically and made him drive the rest of the way. So...maybe I won't end up with one but I sure like them!

 We also go on many road trips (seeing as how I have no desire to take a2,3,5 and 6 year old on a plane) and lots of drives in the summer. They very much remind me of national lampoons summer vacation. When we go up to Idaho and we don't have enough seats for everyone my husbands mom has had to sit in the trunk on our way to a restaurant, its an SUV, but still (and she volunteers). I swear the first time she hopped back there I had tears in my eyes from laughing. Sad thing is, in her little town I don't think it was all that unusual? Grandma in the trunk, need I say more?

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  1. I always joke I'm married to Clark Griswald. Your mail carrier sounds very interesting. I'm afraid of her-haha